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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Long Island Recovery Association
PO Box 262 Franklin Square NY 11010-0262
Spring 2012

LIRA & The Town of Babylon hosted the 3rd
LIRA, FOR-NY and Seafield are pleased to be
Annual Rock N Recovery celebration at the
bringing the nationwide Faces and Voices of
Town Hall Annex in North Babylon back in
Recovery (FAVOR) Science of Addiction &
September 2011. An estimated 275 attendees
Recovery Training to Long Island on May 5th,
partied into the night at our free event, while
2012. This two part 6 hour training features a
enjoying a sumptuous hot Italian buffet and
train the trainer component to help attendees
celebrating National Recovery Month.
prepare to deliver the training to other
LIRA presented our Friend of Recovery Award
community groups. Remember to register
to Mary Silberstein Division Director of
quickly on the FAVOR web-site as seating is
Chemical Dependency services at Pederson
limited to only 40 participants. There is a
Krag. Mary has been an ardent and loyal LIRA
discounted fee for LIRA members and
supporter for more then 10 years.
scholarships are available for those in need.
Once again LIRA’s board opted to present two
separate recovery community scholarship
Ask the Doctor
awards of $500.00. Kerry Ann K. and Mark B.
LIRA members and many of our provider
were chosen from a pool of nominees by the
friends participated as treatment and recovery
selection committee and these awards will help
specialists in this community forum hosted by
support their work and educational goals.
North Shore LIJ-Southside Hospital at the

LIRA would like to acknowledge the following
Boulton Center in Bayshore. This well
publicized event was well received by the
individuals for their time and energy, helping to
audience and attendees had time for individual
make our annual event a huge success:
Q&A sessions at the end of the presentation.
Commissioner Madeline Bayton of Town of
Communities of Solution (COS)
Babylon Human Services, Richard Buckman,
LIRA members continue to serve with this
Gene Foley, Larry Gise, Eugenia Karahalias,
group of community leaders that has
Ed Olsen, Anthony Rizzuto, Craig Sehlhoff,
accomplished much already. With a major
Bruce Till, Debbie Turkel-Nardozzi. We also
focus on prevention and our young people this
had a major contribution from students in the
collaborative effort is making a big impact
Chemical Dependency CASAC training
across Suffolk County.
program at Suffolk Community College.
SBIRT Screening Brief Intervention and
Many supporters donated funds, goods or
Referral to Treatment
resources valued from $50 - $250.00 and all
Did you know that use of SBIRT screenings
were acknowledged on our scroll of honor.
can help curtail drinking among some of those
See the complete donor list on our web site.
questioned. Seems just asking someone

LIRA’s work is made possible with the support
about their drinking is enough to compel some
to re-evaluate and make changes.
of our members and friends. Please consider
Help has arrived for our provider friends: A
supporting LIRA by making a 100% tax
urine drug test is now available to detect the
deductible contribution. Make checks payable
presence of synthetic marijuana (K Spice)
to Friends of Recovery LI and mail to
which had become a major clinical concern.
PO Box 262 Franklin Square NY 11010-0262

A contingent of LIRA members participated in the FOR-NY statewide recovery advocacy day in Albany on February 7th, 2012.
The enthusiastic crowd was addressed by several prominent speakers including, Father Peter Young, State Senators, Neil Breslin, Tom Duane and pictured below
L to R Senator Diane Savino, Assembly Alcohol/Drug Chair Steven Cymbrowitz, Commissioner Arlene Sanchez-Gonzalez.
In September 2011 FOR-NY joined with NCADD, ASAP and OASAS to host the statewide recovery rally and celebration in Albany which was supported by LIRA. FOR-NYis working diligently with other entities regarding the final phases of taking over responsibility and authority for Recovery Coach training’s in NY State.
In addition FOR-NY reps are in active discussions regarding future training plans plus a framework for supervision and certification of recovery coaches. FOR-NY has conducted several coaching academies across the state this past year and two additional 5 day trainings are scheduled this spring for Albany and Brooklyn.
As of today more the 300 coaches have been trained across the state including several LIRA and FOR-NY board members.
A rousing thank you to Laura Elliot-Engel for her vision and leadership in taking FOR-NY to new heights. We also appreciate Michelle Cleary, Field Director of FOR-NY. Since coming aboard Michelle has been visiting across the state and came to Long Island and attended a LIRA meeting this past winter. She is a real go getter and we are pleased that she will be staying on in a part time capacity. Both of these women have made valuable contributions to the recovery community.
Representatives of LIRA, LICAN and the QCSC along with a dozen or so others from various community agencies have been appointed to the Sober Homes Oversight Board established by the Suffolk Legislature. Our friends will bring some solid experience, keen insight and a well informed voice for the recovery community.
While much progress has been made the past two years through the involvement of Suffolk County none of this would have been possible without the steadfast commitment and years of dedication, leg work and public action by our community activist folks comprising the LICAN housing team. Dating back more then 10 years some of these people made significant contributions and laid the groundwork and have since moved on; others have joined in or stayed the course for the duration. We say thank you to Rev. Nils Blatz, Rev. Kennedy McGowan, Gary Butchen, Michael Stanley, Roscoe Reynolds, Beth Brockland, Liggia Guerrero, Kathy Ayers Lanzillotta, Frank Walsh, Mary Silberstein, John Haley, Bob King, Tommy Koch, Mary Ann Maddock, Midge Thompson, Marcia Lucas, Dave Cohen, Richard Buckman, Millie Andino, Jeannie Appelman, Gene Foley and Anthony Rizzuto. A note of thanks to Dick Koubek and the Suffolk County Welfare to Work Commission for a thorough job in researching the issue in earnest and adopting most of our ideas in the recommendations section of their report to the County Legislature. You can access the full Sober Homes report on the LIRA web site. NYC area advocates have reached out to LIRA for assistance in addressing the growing problem of sub-standard housing and unscrupulous operators. We have shared our experience and provided direction as the problem has grown dramatically of late.
LIRA members visited with our State Senators in Albany and joined with FOR-NY on a visit to the governor’s office to meet with his staff. All of us encouraged support for recovery centers and improvements in coverage for addiction treatment in insurance law. We continue to push for treatment authorizations and length of
stay determinations being made by addiction treatment professionals. In addition we joined with the provider movement and urged support for one uniform definition of “medical necessity” for NY State insurance law.
911 Good Samaritan Law enacted:
This important legislation will help save lives by offering limited immunity for those using or in possession of small amounts of drugs who call in to report an overdose and seek medical attention for the individual in distress. You can read the full details and implications of the Law on our web site
Healthcare reform is making a positive impact on addiction treatment. The Affordable Care Act mandates inclusion of alcohol and other drug treatment & mental health coverage in the essential benefits of the required state insurance exchanges. In addition the Federal parity guidelines for addiction and mental health treatment must also be included. Combining these factors with the expansion of the Medicaid pool should help to cover some of the 21 million Americans in need of treatment.
Senator Duane reinforced his commitment to continue working with us to help remove barriers and end discriminatory practices.
Many key law makers are addressing the prescription drug issue as a priority. Several initiatives have taken root to address this serious issue in a comprehensive manner including: improvements to statewide prescription data bases, closer scrutiny and prosecution of suspicious physicians and doctor shopping drug seeking individuals. In addition new safety measures & education have been implemented for pharmacies and additional training for addiction treatment professionals to include regular use of pain management consultations for those taking narcotics while simultaneously battling addiction are being recommended.
In March 2012 the Suffolk County Legislature passed a bill banning the sale of synthetic marijuana, marketed as K- Spice, fake weed “legal” herbs etc.. Soon after this action the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) used
its emergency powers to make it illegal to sell by classifying these substances as Schedule I Drugs. We applaud these steps as good and necessary to protect our young people. If you know of a business that continues to sell these substances you can report these violations directly to the DEA @ 877-883-5789.
Suffolk Legislative Minority Leader John Kennedy met with LIRA members and pledged continuing support of our goals, including establishing a local Recovery Center.
The OASAS Recovery Implementation Team (RIT) continues to meet quarterly with the overall purpose of the group remaining the same; the integration of a recovery oriented system of care in NY State.
LIRA & FOR-NY are part of the statewide Behavioral Healthcare Organization (BHO) workgroup which commenced last summer with a SAMHSA funded policy retreat. The workgroup is tasked with informing policy makers in the interest of the recovery community, helping to align NY with the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
Best wishes to Sandra Marnell who recently retired from OASAS. Sandra was a lead trainer of Recovery Coaches across NY State. She continues to remain active as an advocate.
Ed Olsen is a candidate for President of the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (Be sure to support Ed)Richard Buckman was selected as Social Worker of the Year by NASW Nassau for 2011Anthony Rizzuto was appointed to the Suffolk County Sober Homes Oversight Board. Maxine Materowski, relocated to Florida where she is busy working as a recovery coach. NancyBeckett-Lawless has been selected to receive our 2012 Friend of Recovery Award. Congratulations! to these Recovery Champions

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